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Scholl – Your Shoes Partner

Let's help you choose shoes. that fits the body suitable for use and suitable for your dressing style with Scholl Your Shoes Partner at all Scholl counters nationwide. and admin via Scholl's online channel

Many times when we want to buy a new pair of shoes, We may be looking for good quality shoes, good price, good promotions, but after wearing them for a long time, It may not be as comfortable as we expected. Maybe that's because of the shoes we chose. "It's not suitable for our body." Today, Your Shoes Partner will come to help everyone. They will help you choose the right shoes. Solve problems on the spot and more comfortable to wear Today, Scholl collects frequently asked questions. And the most cases where customers come to consult and let us help choose shoes are as follows:

1. Flat feet

Flat feet are anatomical abnormalities in the shape of the feet. Simply put, we don't have concave arches like normal feet.

Therefore, we recommend that people with flat feet Wear shoes with a medial arch support. To adjust the ergonomic structure when wearing Make your walking more comfortable. Adjust the structure of your feet for more healthy feet. Scholl has shoes that support people with flat feet using Biomechanics technology, both women's, men's and unisex.

Shoes Men's health shoes Scholl

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Plantar fasciitis causes severe pain in the soles of the patients' feet. Especially when waking up Observe that there may be redness on the soles of the feet, similar to inflammation.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Therefore, choosing shoes for patients with plantar fasciitis is "shoes with soft soles". We must reduce friction. or inflammation on the soles of the feet first to wear shoes And walking during the day is more comfortable. Scholl recommends using shoes with Memory Cushion technology that are extra soft. Wear them to walk all day, wear them around the house, or wear them as a second pair of shoes to walk in the office. It helps preserve your feet well all day long.

Soft and comfortable sandals Soft, comfortable heeled shoes

3. Crooked feet or thick feet

This is not a disease or condition that affects foot health. But it affects our beauty.

Scholl has many designs of shoes designed to keep the shape of the foot slender, tight, and comfortable to walk in without being too tight. Or not uncomfortable, emphasizing the Cross strap style will help your feet look slimmer. and more beautiful Or choose shoes with adjustable straps. which can be adjusted to your liking. Both of these designs are available in technology. Biomechanics, Bioprint, General Comfort

Today everyone has basic techniques for selecting shoes that are suitable for our feet. If you want more information Or would like to stop by and try them on before deciding to buy? Scholl Your Shoes Partner is happy to serve everyone. At scroll counters nationwide today

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