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good foot health How does it affect the body? | Scholl

good foot health How important is it to the body?

Our foot bones are delicate organs. and is the basis of the body's structure. Medical experts have said that The health of your feet can be an indicator of your overall health. Moreover, when walking, one foot must support the entire body weight. Therefore, foot health is an important part that should not be overlooked. Choosing the right shoes for the shape of your feet is an important part of helping maintain your overall health. Because good shoes will not cause the foot structure to become distorted. That may cause knee or back pain in the long term. Aside from that, good shoes are also a key factor. That helps you walk gracefully in every situation.

How to choose ergonomically correct shoes

1. You should choose shoes that are not too hard and not too soft.

When walking for long periods of time, aches and pains may occur in the feet or joints that can affect the knees and back. Shoes therefore play an important role in helping reduce those aches and pains, or none at all if the soles of the shoes are too hard. This causes improper pressure or weight distribution. and may cause injury. Which shoes have flexible soles? It will be able to support your weight and distribute the pressure of your feet naturally while walking. But choosing shoes that are too soft can also have a negative effect on your feet. Because shoes with soft or too soft soles Will not be able to absorb shock. or pressure while walking It may affect the distortion of the foot's anatomy. and may result in pain later.

2. Choose shoes that are appropriate for your foot shape.

People have different feet. Therefore, one should find healthy shoes that can respond to use and suit the shape of one's feet. yourself as much as possible This is due to wearing shoes that are not suitable for your feet. It may make walking unstable, so you should buy shoes that fit snugly to the shape of your feet. and helps strengthen their own paws To distribute weight evenly throughout the sole of the foot.

3. Good shoes should not have seams inside.

Choosing good shoes goes beyond appearance and functional features. The internal quality should also be taken into account, for example, buying shoes with seams on the inside. In addition to being a nuisance, it can also cut your feet. and when used for the long term May cause irritation from friction.

4. You should not choose shoes that focus on beauty alone.

Walking plays an important role in personality. Buying beautiful fashion shoes alone Or use the same pair of shoes for every occasion. It may have a negative effect on foot health in the long run. Before purchasing shoes, don't forget to consider the potential use of the pair of shoes. By choosing to suit the activity. It would be another way to help maintain foot health in the long run.

What kind of technology is appropriate? and supports each type of foot

Because the foot is an organ that, if looked at superficially, There may be similarities. But that truth There are many differences between our feet. There are many different types of feet. Scholl would like to take you to get to know the 4 types of feet and the technology that is specifically designed to support each type of foot.

1. People with flat feet Tends to have flat feet or ankles that twist inward. Ideal for Biomechanics technology, a unique technology from Scholl that helps adjust the structure of the foot return to the balance point Because of the unique characteristics of the sole, it has a curved arch to support the arch of the foot. It will help keep your feet and ankles upright and ergonomically correct. Maintain long-term foot health

2. People with high arches suitable for technology Memory Cushion Technology that comes with shock-reducing properties And the pressure on the balls of the feet helps distribute weight evenly. The soles will return to their original shape after being worn. and ready to support walking perfectly in the next step In addition to Memory Cushion technology, people with high arches Bioprint technology can also be used as well. Because of this technology It will help tighten your feet with every step you take.

3. People who have a bruise It is also suitable for Memory Cushion technology because of its lightweight properties. The sole is specifically designed to distribute pressure around the ball of the foot and the sole of the foot, thus helping to relieve pain and stiffness in the heel tendons from plantar fasciitis.

4. People with normal feet Can be used with any technology, whether it be Biomechanics technology Bioprint Comfort Sandals technology, Memory Cushion technology or Massage technology are also available.

Characteristics of shoes that meet usage needs and pay attention to foot health

Healthy shoes should be lightweight. Walk comfortably and easily. When buying shoes, you should try them on and walk around to see if they suit your foot shape or not. In addition to that, you should choose shoes that use quality materials to help reduce health problems. If you are looking for healthy shoes that can support your feet Whether by appearance or functionality. Healthy shoes from Scholl are another ideal choice because Scholl has invented and designed products to suit the foot anatomy of various types of users. while still maintaining its modernity and innovation. However, if you are interested, you can ask us for more details immediately.